Ferryfield Bowmen Archery Club



About our Club

If you're thinking of taking up archery, we regularly run beginners courses. These courses generally run from spring to autumn, for two hours a session on a Saturday morning, over a 6 week period. Our qualified coaches will teach you the basic techniques required when shooting, including how to shoot safely and competently.

You will be provided equipment to use during the course, as we do not recommend you buy any equipment at such an early stage.

The cost of the course is 35 per person. If you're interested, feel free to enquire about booking a course by contacting us.


Experienced Archers

If you are already an experienced archer, you can join without the need for a beginners course. To enquire about joining, feel free to contact us.


September 2019

Welcome to our new website! After being down for all too long we've made a fair few changes to it's design. We've added several new pages with much more in-depth information than the old page, which was originally created in the early 2000's and hadn't been changed much since. We've also added a newer CSS theme to give it a much nicer appearance.


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